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Brand stories

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Anthropologists contend that 70 percent of everything we learn is through stories. From an early age, stories are the way we organize and make sense of our world and our place in it. This is no different for brands; a brand story brings people together within a company by helping to understand the common goals.  It brings meaning to a company and provides a strong basis for a bond with the outside customer. Just as people and their stories evolve, brand stories also change over time. Yet in order to be effective, brand stories need to be clear and authentic. Rather than being mere window dressing, brand stories can become … Continue reading

John’s testimony

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I have not written a post here for a while, so I would like to begin by expressing thanks to the team of people who have been working on this blog for the past few weeks—Esther, Eduardo, Claire and Birgit, along with everyone else who has suggested ideas or made comments.  Since much of my time recently has been consumed by travel and writing, they have done a great job of keeping the blog alive.  And, I must say that I have been following their work with great interest. As I free more time in the coming months, I plan to take an active role again on the blog.  At … Continue reading

We are our stories

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‘… recognize that every person, every being, every thing has a story and contains stories – and, in fact, is a story – and that all of these stories interconnect, that we are, in fact, surrounded by stories, embedded in stories and made of stories.’ Tom Atlee, The Co-Intelligence Insitute The previous posts introduced some keys to shaping and connecting with communities. We’ll now focus on what underlies the interactive reality created by companies together with their communities: stories. The story that a company tells the world should reflect its essence and be authentic, but isonly given credibility by the customers’ stories. So when a company states: “We always put … Continue reading

No control

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Control is never achieved when sought after directly. It is the surprising outcome of letting go. James Arthur Ray In March 2010, Greenpeace posted a video on YouTube, asserting that Nestlé’s popular Kit Kat bar contained palm oil produced in areas where rain forests had been destroyed. Nestlé responded swiftly, forcing removal of the video for alleged copyright violations, which led to a guerilla campaign against the company. Greenpeace reposted the clip on other websites and used Twitter to spread the word of Nestlé’s ‘censored’ video. Outraged individuals posted angry messages on Nestlé’s Facebook page, substituting the word Killer for Kit Kat.  Within a few months, Nestlé was forced to … Continue reading

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