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Leadership and branding (continued): learning to simplify our messages

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Famously, Albert Einstein’s first rule of work was: “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”  The concept is similar to one of the rules we write about in the “Seven Rules of Storytelling» and one that I have often used in my coaching.  We all need to learn to simplify our discourse. In fact, after fifteen years of working with individuals on their self-expression, I have come to believe that there is a general human tendency to make messages overly complex.  When I hear people telling their stories, making their speeches or giving their formal presentations in a corporate setting, I am usually left with the impression that the whole thing is overly cluttered. The most successful leaders are able … Continue reading

Reflections on leadership and branding

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The other day, I was thinking about some of the “common wisdom” about leaders and brands. In particular, I am continually struck by the image so many people have that the best leaders are charismatic and that the best brands today are those that create the most “buzz”.  Here are some thoughts about the subject, adapted from the soon-to-be published book. The heart of leadership has little to do with style or charisma. It is more about finding your true nature and your natural voice.  In the same vein, the essence of branding is not about creating hype and buzz.  Brands, also, need to focus on finding and expressing their unique nature. Ever since I … Continue reading


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My news this week is that I will soon finish work on the manuscript for the book about email, social media and storytelling.  It has been an interesting project and a wonderful learning experience for me.  But, as is often the case with a lengthy endeavor, it now feels like it has gone on long enough.  I will be glad to bring it to completion and to have a bit more time for other things, including…blogging. As I come to the end of the project, I am reminded of its beginning.  I have written before on this blog that I never intended to write such a book, that my interest … Continue reading

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