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My reflections on Steve Jobs

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This week was again full of travel for me, including an interesting visit to London to make a speech at the remarkable Soho Hotel for the UK Direct Marketing Association.  Again, the question of Steve Jobs still seemed to be on people’s minds, so I thought I would write a little more about him here. In fact, with the continuing questions from my audiences, I began wondering why this man seemed to have such an impact on so many people who never knew him.  Why did his story touch us so deeply?  When I reflected on this question, I found three overriding reasons. First, Steve Jobs was more than a … Continue reading

Thoughts on the passing of Steve Jobs

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This week was busy one for travel, with speeches and book signings at a variety of venues in Brussels, Paris, London and Switzerland.  Again, I was truly delighted to see the enthusiasm of the attendees for my message about how brands, organizations and individuals can learn to use storytelling more effectively in their communication. But, I am not going to write today about me or about these conferences.  Rather, I was struck by the fact that people seemed to have Steve Jobs and his recent passing on their minds.   They wanted to know: What happens to Apple now?  How can they continue his work?  What should be their new story? … Continue reading

Give your fans a sense of belonging. Turn them into heroes

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We ended the last post with the concept of putting the consumer at the center of the action, and turning fans into brand advocates.  Dunkin’ Donuts gets a lot of mileage out of its fan community because it finds ways to engage them actively in the brand conversation. Why is this so important? Fans who engage actively in your brand conversation are the ones who will promote you.  They are the customers you can enlist to find and win new customers.  By leveraging their involvement, we tap into the true power of Internet marketing. When I was doing research for my latest book, Email, social marketing and the art of … Continue reading

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