About John Sadowsky

John Sadowsky is a renowned business advisor, coach, writer and speaker, with more than 25 years of experience across five continents. John’s principal goal is to have a transformational influence on everyone he works with, and to inspire others to do the same. His approach of leading from the inside out helps anyone, at any level of an organization, transform people, teams and cultures.

John taught at Grenoble École de Management for 20 years, where he was named Distinguished Professor of Management. John is a regular speaker at a variety of venues and leading educational institutions worldwide, including the World Business Forum, Stanford University, The Smithsonian Institution and Harvard Business Review Seminars in Latin America.

John has worked and lived in various countries. Thanks to his rich cultural background and countless travels, John is anchored in many cultures and speaks English, Spanish and French fluently.

John helps you:

  • Discover what makes you effective as leader
  • Develop your ability to engage others by expressing who you are and what you stand for
  • Turn any group of individuals into an engaged community
  • Build new connections by sharing your richest personal stories of identity
  • Inspire people to freely embrace your vision without coercion
  • Use who you are and what you stand for to build a culture, recruit top employees, align your teams, win clients and raise funds
  • "John’s leadership coaching has shown me how I can develop myself as a leader and helped me create opportunities to share the urgent story of Medicines for Humanity. He has been a major force in helping us increase our impact in the world."
    Tim Bilodeau Founder of Medicines for Humanity
  • "The New Marketing is a critical guide to using social-media tools to express a brand's true nature. It is powerful, clear, and insightful."
    Guy Kawasaki Author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions
  • "John’s in-depth coaching has transformed the way I lead my teams, drive meetings and interact with people. Thanks to John, I now understand who I am as a leader."
    Yevgeny Scodigor Joint Ventures Program General Electric Power
  • "John Sadowsky is an outstanding speaker. At our Annual Conference, the audience would not let him stop talking, so we let him go on. I had never seen that before with any other speaker."
    Maurice BonazGovernor of Rotary International for the Savoye-Mont Blanc Region
  • "One of the most innovative leadership thinkers today: his in-depth approach empowers all of us to find inside ourselves what makes us effective as leaders."
    Management TV Latin America
  • "John’s methods will deliver amazing results for leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. You will definitely be doing some soul-searching after an event with John."
    Stefan Stefaniak Senior Manager at Newtone Associates and Entrepreneurs Organization Coordinator (Geneva)

Business Advice and Leadership Coaching

John has advised and provided executive coaching for a variety of Fortune 500 and other large companies, including General Electric, Starbucks, Visa, L’Oréal, Scotia Bank, Facebook, Guidant Technologies and Soitec. He has also worked as advisor or founding/angel investor with more than 50 start-up companies in the fields of beverages, internet marketing, software development, telecom, and medical devices. John helps his business clients discover a sense of deeper purpose that motivates people in industrial and other creative collaborations.

John’s hands-on experience includes running the Atlas beverage distribution company of 150 employees for 10 years, as well as managing a business unit at a large computer firm for two years. Today, he serves as a board member at five corporations, including the not-for-profit Medicines for Humanity.

Writing and Media

John has written several books on the use of authentic storytelling in corporate business, e-marketing, branding, and personal lives. In addition to his bestselling books The New Marketing: Social Media, E-mail and the Art of Storytelling (2011), L’éloge du bien-être (2010) and Les sept règles du storytelling (2009), John is currently writing a new book which will be launched in 2017. John has been interviewed frequently on television and radio, as well as online and in the international press. His media appearances include Management TV Latin America, BMF Business in Paris, France Bleu and France3, Harvard Business Review, Revue Française de Gestion, Business Leadership Review, Gestión and Les Echos.


John holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a doctorate in Business Administration from Newcastle University. John completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Haverford College, in history and literature. He also holds an MA in French from Middlebury College.


John taught at Grenoble École de Management for 20 years, where he was named Distinguished Professor of Management. He has been a visiting lecturer at some of the world’s leading educational institutions, including the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, Harvard University, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the National Academy of Economics in Moscow, and the Universidad Católica of Buenos Aires.