Leadership Programs

The extensive Leadership Programs are designed for any individual within an organization, from mid-level to senior-level, business directors and C-level, who wants to learn how to have a more profound impact and progress as a leader.

A Leadership Program is typically half-day to three days in duration (although other versions may also be arranged) and they can be conducted in-company or at an off-site venue of your choice.

Each Program is customized to fit the specific audience and industry sector, and includes break-out sessions. The Program may contain a theoretical part, followed by a series of interactive modules, during which participants contribute personal cases and experiences, receive practical training and personal advice on how to apply what they’ve learned in their work and lives.

John provides the teams with all the tools and exercises they need. The level of depth depends on the length of the Program, as well as the request and the composition of the group.

Example of a Leadership Program (one to three days)

Program outcomes and benefits: 

After following the leadership program, participants are able to:

  • Understand some of the modern misconceptions about leadership
  • Critically appraise current theories about leadership and apply these to their own work
  • Express who they are and what they stand for in an authentic way that inspires others
  • Build inclusive and meaningful stories of identity for themselves, their organization or their brand
  • Reflect deeply on their own skill and progress as a leader
  • Craft a plan for their own leadership development
  • Use some of the lessons of this program to coach themselves and others in their organizations
Module 1: How to Free Ourselves from the Myths of Leadership 

We begin by exploring some deeply rooted misconceptions about what leadership is and how it happens. We seek answers to these underlying questions: Why is the ‘conventional wisdom’ so misleading regarding leaders? What is the impact of these misconceptions on our leadership development? We end this module by looking at what we should truly focus on in our own leadership training.

Focus areas:

  • John’s ideas – based on 20 years of working with leaders and organizations – about what makes leaders effective
  • What are the qualities that outstanding leaders share
  • Why society has so many myths and misguided notions about leadership
  • How you can become a more effective leader by freeing yourself from the myths
  • Practical lessons for your lifelong leadership journey
Module 2: How can we ‘become’ a leader and improve our leadership skills?

This section builds on the lessons of the first module, focusing specifically on how participants can improve their leadership skills, learn to express themselves more effectively, and make their own leadership development a lifelong journey of learning and growth.

Focus areas:

  • Review some of the realities of leadership
  • Leadership and self-expression
  • How you can benefit from the proven Sadowsky Method of leading from the inside out and the ASPIRE-checklist
  • Discover that you have more influence than you think and learn to exercise it
  • How to influence others by expressing who you are and what you stand for
  • Practical lessons for your lifelong leadership journey
Module 3: Practical training for our leadership development

This section consists of practical exercises. Depending on the number of participants and the configuration of the room, we either perform the exercises together, or work on them in small groups.

Focus areas:

  • Exercises to improve self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Understanding the sources of your values and beliefs, the key events and turning points of your life
  • Telling stories of ‘leadership moments’ from your past
  • Seeing and using the leadership opportunities in your life today
  • How to integrate reflection and personal growth into your daily life