Leadership Coaching

Above all, leadership is about influence. Everyone can learn to lead, to have a more profound influence on those around them, from any position in any type of group.

Learning to lead is learning to express who we are and what we stand for in ways that inspire others and move them to action. John’s approach helps people first to identify their true essence and their core beliefs, and then to express them in ways that inspire.

John’s hands-on leadership experience includes running a beverage distribution company of 150 employees for over 10 years, as well as managing a business unit at a large computer firm for two years. Today, he serves as a board member at five corporations, including the not-for-profit Medicines for Humanity.



  • "John’s in-depth coaching has transformed the way I lead my teams, drive meetings and interact with people. Thanks to John, I now understand who I am as a leader."
    Yevgeny Scodigor Joint Ventures Program General Electric Power
  • "John is an excellent coach. He showed us how to gather our customers around our virtual campfire and share stories about our products and brand. What a difference it has made!"
    Nick Heys CEO Jabmo, Industrial Strength ABM
  • "John’s methods will deliver deep and concrete results for leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. You will definitely be doing some soul-searching after an event with John."
    Stefan Stefaniak Partner at Paianet and former Senior Manager at Newtone Associates
  • "John is one of the best coaches I've ever had. John has taught me how to tell my story more effectively and find opportunities to share the story of our company. He truly changed the way I see the world."
    Tim BilodeauFounder of Medicines for Humanity
  • "One of the most innovative leadership thinkers today: his in-depth approach empowers all of us to find inside ourselves what makes us effective as leaders."
    Management TV Latin America
  • "John’s leadership coaching has shown me how I can develop myself as a leader and helped me create opportunities to share the urgent story of Medicines for Humanity. He has been a major force in helping us increase our impact in the world."
    Tim Bilodeau Founder of Medicines for Humanity