The New Marketing: Social Media, Email and the Art of Storytelling

The New Marketing is a guide for navigating the transition from yesterday’s approaches to branding—where companies crafted brand messages and broadcasted them to the world—to new approaches for the age of email and social media, where branding has become an interactive co-creation with a user community.

The goal of the book is to show how any organization can strengthen its brand and build its community through intelligent use of email, social media and storytelling.

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Acclaim for The New Marketing

‘Fresh and Insightful.’
Philip Kotler, Author of Principles of Marketing


‘Powerful, clear, practical, and insightful’
Guy Kawasaki, Author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions


‘The New Marketing has a lasting message which will be a source of inspiration and motivation for many years to come. He ties together five significant trends in branding and organizational communication, highlighting the link between the power of story and organizational success. Sadowsky has emerged as a voice with profound understanding of communication in the 21st century.’
Seth Kahan, Author of Getting Change Right and Expert Blogger for Fast Company


‘An insightful guide for organizations making the shift from yesterday’s approach to branding—a story the firm tells—to what branding is today: an interactive co-creation with the user community.’
Stephen Denning, Author of The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management and The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling


‘John Sadowsky clearly shows us that the essence of storytelling is not the push-out of material about your brand, but leveraging your community to tell your story for you.’
Nick Allan, iStrategy Blog


‘This book has stirred me up and made me reconsider my communication style by shining a light on what every human being already knows at some level, but rarely puts to use. Couch your point in a story and your ideas will have greater immediate impact.’
Pat Brans, Author of Master the Moment: Fifty CEOs Teach You the Secrets of Time Management.