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Book presentation in Buenos Aires

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Last night, at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, we did an official presentation of my book, Las Siete Reglas del Storytelling. Despite some truly horrific traffic in the city, a lively crowd managed to show up for the event. The book’s editor, Granica, arranged for a first-rate auditorium, and the Budeguer winery from Mendoza served their superb Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon at the post-event reception. All in all, it was quite a fun time. In all honesty, and Argentina being Argentina :-), I had no idea who would actually show up. For example, several people who have followed my work for years responded positively to the invitation and … Continue reading

My next book event in Buenos Aires, with Eduardo Braun interviewing me

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  Whenever I come to Argentina, one of the people I enjoy spending time with is Eduardo Braun. I first met Eduardo when our common friend Anna Cohen suggested we have lunch together, simply to have a chat about our common interests.  At our first meeting over lunch at an old-world Italian restaurant typical of Buenos Aires, we enjoyed a lively conversation. And in fact, it did turn out that we share similar views about what makes a leader effective, the importance of corporate culture, the power of personal storytelling, and human motivation in general. We also have some similarity in our personal cultural backgrounds and interests, each of us … Continue reading

Some general themes for the coming months

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As I wrote briefly last week, I am in Argentina for the month of August. I have several interesting projects here, including some speeches and promotional activities related to the recent launch of my book, Las siete reglas del storytelling (Granica 2013). As usual, I am finding the change of venue interesting. Argentina is of course a familiar place, with lots of family, friends and business contacts, but being here for a month causes me to see things other than those I see in Europe, and also to reflect in different ways. And, since life is a bit more relaxed for me in August, I have some valuable time to … Continue reading

A quick visit to the north

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  On Wednesday of this week, I left the calm of my mini-vacation in the Swiss Alps and journeyed to a remarkable chateau, the Domaine de Rebetz, about an hour north of Paris in Picardy. The occasion was a L’Oréal seminar called “Transition to General Management”, a week-long training program for managers taking on significant new responsibilities, most often as general managers for a country, a brand, or a division. My role was as a facilitator for a morning session on sharing learning among the group members, by telling their personal stories of successes and failures. This was my first time working with L’Oréal, and they asked me to spend … Continue reading

Making our classrooms, and our lives, more personal

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Making our classrooms, and our lives, more personal. My latest question for reflection: Are we not realizing these days that the future is about making all things more personal, in our classrooms, in our work, and in our lives in general? When I was preparing to speak to the MBA program directors last week (see the two previous posts) about “creating a positive group dynamic” in the classroom, I thought quite a bit about the interaction of e-learning and classic on-site learning. One direction education appears to be headed is toward more “blended” models, where students will learn basic concepts online at their own pace. Then, the classroom becomes more … Continue reading

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