Favorable reactions to our latest book in the French press

Favorable reactions to our latest book in the French press

Co-author Loïck Roche and I have been quite pleased recently about early reactions to our book about leadership and storytelling.  There were two particularly well-written, and very positive, articles in La Tribune, an influential daily newspaper focused on business and economic news.

For those of you who do read French, one of these reviews you’ll find here.

Last week, I visited with the book’s publisher, Editions Pearson, in Paris. Everyone in the meeting, from both the editorial and the marketing sides, was pleased with initial sales and comments about the book.

These early ‘returns’ are quite encouraging, and it makes me increasingly convinced that we should get an English version out quickly.

In terms of this blog, my plan is to focus on two of the questions I have heard quite a lot lately relative to the subject matter of the book and how to put it into practice.  Specifically, how do we apply the concepts of the book to leadership training?  And, how can individuals apply these concepts to their own leadership development?

So, next time I will begin a series of reflections on leadership training and how we can improve it.


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