The French storytelling book and the World Business Forum

The French storytelling book and the World Business Forum

In recent weeks, I have been quite busy around with two events: the publication of our recent book in French (with Loïck Roche), and a trip to Buenos Aires to speak at the World Business Forum.
Both of these experiences have been interesting and fruitful for me, as they gave me the opportunity to review and reflect on many of my core messages.  Some of these ideas have appeared on this blog, and (never fear!), the others will appear at some point in the future.

So, what are these messages?

Anyone who truly wants to, can improve as a leader

Self-knowledge is the path to finding your passion

We lead by autobiography; stories of identity are indeed the language of leadership

Charisma is not a prerequisite for effective leadership

Don’t be concerned about charisma or style; if you find your natural voice and your passion, if you learn to speak with emotion, from the heart… your style will find you

We display our character and authenticity through the stories we tell

The most effective leaders are lifelong learners who understand and express their own life lessons.  They lead by teaching these life lessons to others.

By taking stands, firmly based in your beliefs and values, and by communicating these values through your life stories, you can truly influence your context, your teams, and the people around you.

On the blog site, we have received a good deal of feedback about the book, the Forum, and the past few entries.  Please keep sending these reactions, as your feedback helps my own reflection.  It truly does contribute to the quality and the direction of this blog.


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