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Engagement changes everything

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Wherever I have worked or consulted in organizations, I have made something of a habit of telling everyone in a management position that their number one job is engaging the people around them.   My reason for focusing so keenly on engagement is simple. As we have seen before on this blog, the Gallup Organization’s statistics about engagement are somewhat shocking. Only 30 per cent of North American workers describe themselves as engaged. This 30% level seems remarkably constant, having changed little during the past decade, according to Gallup. And, workers in the rest of the world are even less engaged than those in the United States and Canada. Only 13 per cent of workers … Continue reading

How middle managers can expand their influence

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After my two-week Super Bowl interlude, I’d like to go back and focus just a bit more on our previous ongoing topic: How can middle managers, these most miserable people in our organizations, find meaning and happiness in their work? So, here is my plan for this blog (which of course may change, as a function of the things I come across in my reading or in my life events): For the next two or three weeks, we look at how managers can be creative in the way they approach their groups, and how this creativity can help them in the quest to find meaning and happiness.   After that, we’ll begin to explore … Continue reading

How to Lose Gracefully: A Leadership Lesson from the Super Bowl

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This week finds me doing two things I never thought I would do. First, I watched an entire Super Bowl from my home in Switzerland. Now, that may not seem so extraordinary, other than for the fact that it was my second day back in Europe, where the game begins well after midnight, and the coverage ends around 5 am.  In large part because of the snowstorm that kept me marooned in Boston for a few days last week (see my previous post for that story), I was well in tune with all the Super Bowl hype, and I decided to experience the game “live”, even if that meant sacrificing a good night’s sleep … Continue reading

A hiring lesson from American football

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This week has been an unusual one. I have been in the US for over two weeks now, to take care of some of my business here, and to attend two board meetings. It was already planned as a period full of activity, with visits to family and friends squeezed in among the rest.  Of course, as some of you know, I had not planned to stay nearly this long, but then the weather took a bit of a wild turn, as does sometimes tend to happen in New England. I was staying at my parents’ house in the town of my birth, Worcester—a city of some 180,000 people in the … Continue reading

The possibilities of a middle management role

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For a little more than a month now, I have been writing about topics related to middle management. In early December, we began with a discussion of why these people—particularly those in the middle of large industrial groups—seem to be so discouraged and disengaged.  When I started writing about managers and engagement, I cited studies that indicate that only about 30 percent of workers are truly engaged in their daily work. At the same time, I gave some examples of manual laborers who were able to give meaning to even the most mundane of tasks—cleaning hospital rooms or refurbishing wooden wine cases, for example—by reframing their jobs.  One of my purposes in presenting … Continue reading

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