Brand stories

Brand stories

Anthropologists contend that 70 percent of everything we learn is through stories. From an early age, stories are the way we organize and make sense of our world and our place in it. This is no different for brands; a brand story brings people together within a company by helping to understand the common goals.  It brings meaning to a company and provides a strong basis for a bond with the outside customer.

Just as people and their stories evolve, brand stories also change over time. Yet in order to be effective, brand stories need to be clear and authentic. Rather than being mere window dressing, brand stories can become a key driver of success by being coherent and compelling. A brand story cannot change every day according to the latest fad. Rather, a successful brand story comes from a true understanding of the nature of the company,  what it strives to do, what is important to it, and how its products differ from what other companies offer.

In ancient Greece, above the Oracle of Delphi, two words were inscribed in the Temple of Apollo: “Know Thyself”.  This is one of the most challenging tasks for individuals and companies alike. The more a company works on knowing itself and knowing what is important to it, the more powerful its brand story will be, and the more this will resonate with consumers they seek to influence. Companies are selling much more than products and services; under the surface is the story, the essence of the brand. If told correctly, this is one of the most powerful ingredients of a successful brand strategy.

Written by Eduardo with the material from the forthcoming book of John Sadowsky.


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